1:30 PM - 3 PM


Fads, Trends and Disruptive Innovations — Our culture is constantly being influenced by fad, trends and occasional disruptive tech. 

There are many new evolving techs available. Some in their infancy and others maturing and finding their way into the market in the most amazing ways. It raises the question: How do we integrate them into our current sales and marketing strategies? While some may be pricey now, we have seen the cost of many technologies only a few years old become affordable and part of our daily life. Some of these new techs may only have a few providers now but as we have seen so often, if there is a market demand there will be more and more suppliers..... many coming from the unexpected places (even the graphics arts industry - especially the print community and related supply chain manufacturers). 

Join us in a discussion of new technology such as image recognition as a link between ink on paper and digital marketing communications, OLED (organic light emitting diodes) - paper thin monitors being incorporated into unique direct marketing and publishing campaigns, the ability to print electronic and digital circuitry being used for a multitude of new products including packaging, interior design, greeting cards and more.

Join us as we discuss how the printing industry is incorporating new tech to evolve in ways we would have not believed only a few years ago. 

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