11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Print in the New Media Mix (Life with Print) 

Integrated marketing, Multi-Channel Distribution, Social Media / Networking area few of the many descriptors currently used to describe the new business model being implemented by advertisers, marketers and media strategists. 

Our consumer society is abound with new devices and hand help as primary sources for communications and intra-connectivity which leads traditional, legacy medias such as television, radio and print to ask the larger questions. Where do we fit in? Is print truly waning media? Is it being replaced by disruptive technology? 

A discussion on how the print industry can evolve its share by proving its effectiveness as part of the communications mix: How does print complement social networking and the Internet? How will eReaders and tablets impact publishing and readerships? How using QR and augmented reality codes can add a multi-media and multi-dimensional aspect to enhance the print experience?

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